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Initial release.


Fixed problem where image was not refreshing in Java applet in versions of Java prior to JDK 1.2 . Should now work correctly in 4.x series browsers.


Added ability to rotate image at intervals of 90 degrees. Added ability to stream and save images to disk at the same time. Added 'offline' image ability to Java client. Added JPEG compression/quality option to Java client. Speedups when streaming to multiple clients. Miscellaneous bug-fixes and improvements.


Addition of --port option to change the port of the server. Fixed thread synchronisation bug. Fixed memory leak. Allowed for fractional delays.


Addition of --log option to log server messages to a file. Addition of init.d script (courtesy of Brian Andersen)


Fixed segmentation fault bug, added additional delay control, corrected unnecessarily high CPU utilisation, added monitor applet.


Incorporated patches from Tais Hansen to fix a bug where threads weren't being destroyed and the 'loop' option was requiring a parameter. Also added a patch from Tais allowing one to change the JPEG image quality for standalone image capture.