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A new mini arcade table top game with many unique features - multi coloured display, new exciting sound effects. Four separate phases including a meteorite attack a space squadron attack, flight through the black hole and base station attack. Made in Japan.
Mikes Note: (c) Epoch.


A hand-held electronic game for one or two players. LED Display. Two levels of skill. Timer for each half. Records each goal scored. New "ball in the net" display. Full action sound effects and Referees whistle. Made in Hong Kong.


Now play electronic soccer with two different coloured teams incorporating a new florescent display. Features, passing, dribbling, tackling, diving goal keepers - all the thrills of the real game with full exciting sound effects. Suitable for one or two players with two levels of skill. Made in Japan
Mikes Note: (c) Epoch.


A pocket LCD game with built in full function digital clock with hours, minutes, seconds, alarm, day, date, stop watch and lap timer. Control the man through the various obstacles, avoid attack from Crazy Kong, dodge the boulders and fight off the skeleton. Made in Japan.
Mikes Note: (c) Epoch (possibly Epoch: Monster Panic)


A table top game with multi coloured fluorescent display. Control the caveman stealing eggs from the dinosaur whilst avoiding his attack, features include dive bombing primative birds, an axe attack, a volcano erruption and a fire breathing monster. Fun for all. Two levels of play and four lives. Exciting high score of over 25,000 points. Made in Japan
Mikes Note: (c) Tomy.


A table-top Space Game with many unique features - multi coloured invaders scoring up to 10,000 points - magnified display - unique exciting sound effects - built in automatic bonus game - five lanes of action - five lives per game - four levels of play. Made in Japan.
Mikes Note: Epoch: "Galaxy War II"


A hand-held electronic version of the popular Arcade game machines. Shoot the Invaders as they change colour. Four lanes of action, scoring up to 1000 points. Exciting space sound effects. New style florescent display. Made in Japan
Mikes Note: This is Epoch: "Invader from Space."


Mini Munchman is a pocket LCD game with built-in full function clock. An exciting Munchman game with variuos fruits and power food for Munchman to attack the monsters. The built-in full function clock has hours, minutes, seconds, and alarm. day, date and stop-watch with lap timer. Varied game functions.
Mikes Note: (c) Epoch 1981. A larger Grandstand version (c) 1983 also exists called "Pocket Pacman"


A table top game with multi-coloured fluorescent display. Control Munchman and attack the monsters by eating the power food to score points. Special power food must be eaten so that Munchman can east the monsters. Two skill levels and unlimited scoring. Made in Japan
Mikes Note: Sold in the USA by Tomy as "Pacman". In NZ the Grandstand version sold here is actually also called "Pacman"


Play your own electronic detective game. Listen to the different sounds as the robber moves towards the target. Detective Shoestring tries to plot his course and arrest him quickly before he escapes back to the Airport. A skill and memory game with sight and sound. For 1 and 2 players, plus two playing skills. Made in Japan
Mikes Note: Possibly Epoch: "Detective".


A pocket LCD game with full function watch, hours, minutes, seconds, alarm, day, date, stop watch with lap timer. Nine hole golf game. Display indicates number of hole, par and distance. The scenery and length down the fairway changes after each shot. Complete with green flag and flag placings. A sophisticated pocket golf game. Made in Japan
Mikes Note: The Tomy trademark is clearly shown on the case.

Even more Grandstand Handheld Pictures

Who The Hell were Grandstand?

Grandstand handhelds were the handhelds I found most often in the UK.
Along with CGL (Computer Games Limited) they seem to have dominated the UK market in the early 80's
Grandstand also sold games in New Zealand.

I have found games marked 'Grandstand' that were originally made by Tomy, Epoch and Entex.

Some of the makers and the original names of some Grandstand games still remain a mystery - opening up the case and examining the printed PCB for the makers name may reveal clues.

So who were/are Grandstand?
It seems that Grandstand imported handhelds from a number of different makers and had there own logo's etc added to the cases.
In many cases the original game name has also been changed (to make them more 'europeanised' or for copyright reasons)

The company behind the Grandstand name was 'The Adam Leisure Group PLC' and was based in Harrowgate, England. Grandstand survived until relatively recently and when it was sold up Tiger Electronics and VTech were involved in the 'buyout' (both companies still sell modern handhelds)

Further complicating the story is that some games found in the UK are marked "HALES"
I've seen Dracula, Astrowars, Caveman in HALES versions...
Hales seems to have been another Grandstand company and the address given on HALES game boxes and instructions is the Grandstand address.

Grandstand: New Zealand
Grandstand Leisure also operated in New Zealand
(the head office was in Auckland)
Boxes I've seen here so far are identical to the UK ones except they have New Zealand contact details on them (and also say "Assembled in New Zealand" on them.)
Chances are a division of the company also operated in Australia.

In New Zealand Grandstand marketed the SEGA: SC3000 Computer & SG1000 Console (Sega's earliest systems) and later on they were the New Zealand Agents for the Amstrad range of computers.

What else did 'Grandstand' make??
Pong/TV Tennis Games - There are at least 3 different Grandstand Pong games

Cartridge based systems:

The Grandstand PC (Programable Computer)an early cart based system.

The Grandstand Database - A New Zealand sold system that is a clone of the UK's "Rowtron"or the US "Emerson Arcadia"
Known Carts: Escape, Cat Track, Crazy Climber, Missile War, Soccer, Breakaway, Sea Battle, Alien Invader.

Adman Grandstand : UK version of Fairchild Channel F

For Pictures of these Grandstand Consoles visit my: UK Console Pages

If you know anything more about 'Grandstand' or have any details on Grandstand games and systems please let me know!