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Michael Davidson
Auckland, New Zealand

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Mike's Trade List


Last Updated April 2001

Nintendo "Game & Watch"
  • Fire (Silver RC-04)
  • Chef FP-24 (boxed)
  • Green House (boxed as new)
  • Oil Panic (boxed as new)
  • Donkey Kong II (boxed as new)
  • Bomb Sweeper (boxed as new)
  • SafeBuster (boxed as new)
  • Goldcliff (boxed as new)
  • Donkey Kong 3 Vs.
  • Parachute
  • Octopus
  • Mickey Mouse
  • Fire (wide)
  • Fire Attack
  • Snoopy Tennis
  • Pinball (nice but broken catch)
  • Donkey Kong
  • Mario Bros. (Double Screen)
  • BlackJack
  • Squish
  • Zelda
  • Donkey Kong Jr.
  • Marios Cement Factory
  • Super Mario Bros

NOTE: I don't SELL G&W's! - these are for TRADE only.
So please please don't email me asking if I'll sell you one.
Priority given for Game&Watches I Don't already have...

Other Handhelds

  • Boxed Complete "Cosmic Chasm"
  • Loose: Scramble

SMS: Sega Master System
  • GearMaster: (Play master system games on Game Gear) convertor. (boxed)
  • James Bond: The Duel Boxed Complete
  • Phantasy Star: Boxed / pcopy inst.
  • Ultima IV: Boxed / pcopy inst.
  • Star Wars: Boxed no inst.
  • Simpsons: Bart Vs World: Boxed no inst.
  • The Terminator: Boxed no inst.
  • Arcade Smash Hits: Boxed no inst.
  • Galaxy Force: Boxed + inst.
  • Pacmania: Boxed no inst.
  • Streets of Rage: Boxed no inst.
  • Golden Axe Warrior: Boxed no inst.
  • Tom & Jerry the Movie: Boxed no inst.
  • Donald Duck: Lucky Dime: Boxed no inst.
  • Alex Kidd: Lost Stars: Boxed no inst.
  • Back to the Future III: Boxed no inst.
  • Speedball II: Boxed no inst.
  • Bonaza Bros: Boxed no inst.
  • Lemmings: Boxed no inst.
  • Wonder Boy: Boxed no inst.
  • Double Dragon: Boxed no inst.
  • Batman Returns: Boxed no inst.
  • Californa Games: Boxed no inst.
  • Olympic Gold 92': Boxed + inst.
  • Sonic: Boxed no inst.
  • Sonic 2: Boxed no inst.
  • Mickey Mouse: Castle Illusion: Boxed no inst.
  • Asterix: Boxed + inst.
  • Shanghai: boxed + inst.
  • Ghost House (card): Card + cover slick
  • Transbot (card): Card + cover slick
  • Maze Hunter 3D: As New
  • Klax: As New
  • Xenon II: cart + p/copy ins.
  • Fantasy Zone: cart
  • Space Gun: cart
  • Rescue Mission: cart
  • Vigilante: cart
  • Outrun 3D: cart
  • The Ninja: cart
  • Global Defense: cart
  • AstroWarrior/PitPot cart

Check here for my own Master System HAVE LIST:
I'm interested in trading the above for any games I don't already have (not marked in BOLD on the list)

Sega: MegaDrive
Sega SC3000/SG1000 Carts:
  • Pop Flamer (boxed)
  • Champion Baseball
  • Champion Tennis (1 boxed + loose)
  • Monaco GP
  • Yamato
  • Congo Bongo
  • Star Jacker
  • Pacar
  • N-Sub
  • Music (boxed - no overlay)
  • Safari Hunting
  • Basic IIIA (1 boxed + 1 loose)

NES (PAL carts)
  • Famicom 42n1 Multicart
  • Snake's Revenge
  • Zelda II: Adventure of Link (Gold Cart)
  • Donkey Kong Classics
  • Pinbot
  • Section Z
  • Mike Tysons Punchout
  • Battletoads (boxed, complete)
  • Wizards & Warriors (+ p/copy inst.)
  • Iron Sword: Wizards & Warriors II
  • Marble Madness
  • Cobra Triangle (rough box)
  • RoboWarrior (rough box)
  • Shadow Warriors: Ninja Gaiden (rough box)
  • Double Dragon II
  • Excitebike
  • Mach Rider

  • Tele Bunnie (cart)
  • Breakout (cart)

  • F1-Pilot (complete)
  • Yokai Douchuuki (ShadowLand?) - Namcot (Complete)

  • No. 4 Air Sea War/Battle (boxd)
  • No. 6 Tenpin Bowling (bxd)
  • No. 8 Baseball (bxd)
  • No. 9 Computer Programmer (loose)
  • No. 22 Space Monster (loose)
  • No. 24 Flipper Game (bxd)
  • No. 40 Four in a Row (bxd)
  • No. 51+ Terrahawks (bwd)
  • No. 52+ Killer Bees (bxd)

Fountain Cartridges (Acetronic/Priztronic etc)
  • 01: Olympics
  • 13: Circus
  • 15: Soccer
  • 19: Golf
  • 27: Invaders
  • 31: Laser Attack (bxd)
  • Breakout (cart)
    I also have a few NZ Fountain Systems available for trade.

  • Tennis (bxd)
  • Armor Battle (bxd)
  • Lock & Chase (bxd)
  • Horse racking (bxd)
  • Night Stalker

Atari 7800 (All games are PAL)
  • 7800 System (PAL) +PSU +2 x Joypads
  • Ikari Warriors (+instr.)
  • Crack'ed (sw)
  • One n One (bxd)
  • Food Fight
2600 Carts (All PAL unless stated)

SwordQuest Earth World (PAL) + instru.
Asterix (+inst.)
Off the Wall
Acid Drop
Frogs And Flies (Telegames)

HES Games: HES: Go For Gold PAK (boxed)
HES: Altantis (bxd)
HES: HERO (bxd)
HES: RiverRaid (bxd)
HES: RiverRaid 2 (bxd)
HES: Robot Tank (bxd)

More Common 2600 Carts.
Space Shuttle, RealSports Soccer, Super Football, Ms. Pacman, Peles Soocer, Maze Craze, BattleZone, Double Dunk, Moon Patrol, Dark Chambers, Yars Revenge, Joust, Adventure, Circus Atari, Street Racer, Spiderman, Bezerk, Jr. Pacman, Millipede


Sega SC3000 System + PSU, Tapes, Basic Cart + a few games (PAL)

Kingsway 2600JR Clone with 64 built in games (boxed)(PAL)
The built in games include a heap of weird pirate titles..

Atari 2600 4 Switch Clone with 32 built in games (same as 32n1 cart)(PAL)

Grandstand PC Console & 3 Carts (PAL)

Orbit Electronic "Gimini Programable" (PAL) + Carts (NZ system)

If your in New Zealand and need a basic Atari 2600 or 7800 setup please let me know...

Odd old Computer Bits....

Spectravideo SVI-328 MKII Personal Computer User's Manual
Spectravideo SV-903 Data Cassette Unit + Manual

Panasonic JR-100U Personal Computer: Operating Manual + BASIC Programming Guide