Rick Joyner's Reply to the 'Civil War' Article.

August 28, 1996.
Dear Andrew,
             I appreciate you sending me the article "Why I Oppose The
'Civil War'". I think that I do understand your position. However, there
are some serious misunderstandings in it. Your treatment of the "American
prophetic movement" for example is very inaccurate. I think that one of 
the greatest deceptions that we as human beings are under is the tendency
to judge other groups by their most extreme elements, or to lump many 
diverse groups together into one so as to judge them all the same. There
are many "prophetic movements" in America that are very different from
each other, though there is generally a mutual respect and honor between
them. I have never been part of the Vineyard, though I did minister at
Vineyard conferences a few times, and have always appreciated them. I 
have never been a part of the movement that originated in Kansas City,
though I have the highest regard for them. I think that there are many
other misunderstandings that you have in your article, most of them the
result of such over-generalizations, which I think you were prone to in
your reading of my article. Even so, I agree with much of what you said,
and always have. However, I think that you should consider, that even 
though it was important for David to react to Saul the way that he did,
"There was a long war between the house of Saul and the house of David..."
(II Sam.3:11) - You might want to read chapter 2 & 3 of II Sam. If you 
are going to use such analogies). I also think that some of your own 
statements will be considered as arrows fired against brothers in just
such a conflict. Most unfortunately, this war is already upon us. You
have already shown that you will take sides, but are you really taking
the side that you should be on? We are not warring against flesh and
blood, and God forbid that we should see any brother as an enemy, even
if they are trapped in deception, but just as I witnessed recently in
Central Europe, this has been going on for a long time now, the present
reformation of the church will rend many hearts, and organizations, just
as the previous ones have, but truth will prevail. The end result, even
between the houses of Saul and David, will be a true union of them.

Yours In Him,

Rick Joyner. 

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