Inside the Blue Pub
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The dining room

The Blue Pub features a quaint but elegant dining room, complete with a real wood fire to drive off the cold that comes with the snow. Diners can relax in warmth and style after a day of skiing.

The Blue Pub dining room (16k)
The public bar (18k) The public bar

The Blue Pub sports three bars in which you can meet with friends and socialise with other skiers. Meals are available from the adjoining restaurant.

The bistro/restaurant

The restaurant serves a number of meals. You can either eat these in the dining room or in the bistro bar. Menu prices are for the restaurant. Most meals are also available in the bistro bar at a reduced rate. Buffet meals may also be available.

The bistro/restaurant (18k)
The lounge bar (18k) The lounge bar

The Blue Pub also contains a stylish lounge bar, with a wide variety of alcoholic beverages available...

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