Blue Pub dinner menu

Homemade ham and vege soup $3.00
Chicken kebabs $3.00
Spicy chicken nibbles $5.00
Fried fish fillets with tartare sauce $5.00
Nachos with sour cream $5.00

Ribeye steak (garlic, peppered or plain) $14.00
Fisherman's catch $14.00
Weiner Princess $14.00
Fried fish fillets in tartare sauce $12.00
Chicken schnitzel $12.00
Roast of the day $9.00
Children's portions are also available.

Ice cream sundae $3.50
Hot apricot pie $3.50
Fresh fruit salad $3.50
Banana fritter $3.50
All of the above desserts are served
with cream or ice cream.

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This page last updated on 12 October 1998 by Andrew Bryson