Methven and the Canterbury Plains
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hot-air balloon (15k) Hot-air balloons

One of the many activities around the township of Methven is hot-air ballooing, which can be booked from the Blue Pub. The balloons are an ideal way to get an overview of the entire area.

Methven from the air

This is an aerial view of the township of Methven. The mountains in the background are the nearby Southern Alps, which contain many local ski fields. Ski equipment for these fields can be booked at the Blue Pub. Instruction and transport is also available.

aerial view of Methven (17k)
Methven has one of the finest golf courses in New Zealand (11k) Golf @ Methven

Methven has one of the most beautiful golf courses in New Zealand (and therefore the world). Just ask any of the locals...

Methven - main street

This is the main street of Methven. See how it is practically deserted because there is so much to do around Methven that everyone is out doing it.

The main street of Methven (11k)

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